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About Us


Welcome to the Clarke Manufacturing Company Inc. In the beginning Clarke started out wanting a custom
fuel tank for himself. Clarke was tearing up the flat track in Portland Oregon as an enthusiast of the sport
Clarke Hoeltke told his wife Virginia he wanted a cool tank like the other racers had. With 3 daughters he
knew he could not afford the additional expenses for this fancy fuel tank. He made his 1st tank in the
basement of their home in 1963.

Time went on Clarke knew he could do more projects with fiberglass. With the help of friends and family
Clarke and Virginia started the Clarke Manufacturing Co. in 1965 in Milwaukee, Oregon where they
produced tanks, fenders, and seats.

The Early 70’s Clarke had started riding in some enduro events and knew he needed a larger capacity fuel
tank. Clarke started reading up on Plastic Polymers and because of his Machining background he new he
could create a far better and more durable fuel tank. The building of the rotational molder began.

By the mid 80’s The Clarke Mfg. Co. Inc. had tripled in size forcing Clarke to start hiring employees, branching
out into the 3 and 4 wheel market for agricultural.

During the late 90’s the Clarke Mfg. Co. had a fire, destroying all the fender molds vacuum former and the
rotational molding area. The building was destroyed. Unsure of what they were going to do Clarke, Virginia
and his family started looking for new property.

Although we were known for some time for providing long range fuel tanks on the market, we have
expanded over the years to also providing high quality stock replacement and oversized tanks to meet the
discrimination needs of professional racers and amateur enthusiast all over the world. We are confident
that we use the finest materials available and produce product that matches up against any of the
aftermarket fuel tanks on the market today. We achieve our outstanding quality and designing, testing and
most importantly manufacturing our own products in house. By using these methods, we are able to keep
our prices reasonable and offer an extremely high level of service and product knowledge to our dealers and
retail customers.
After inspecting one of our tanks you will see there is a lot of planning and engineering that has gone into A
Clarke Plastic Product. We have features that other Manufacturers have not yet developed or incorporated
mainly because it wasn’t the easy thing to do. We use only premium plastic modern mold making
techniques to assure a consistent structural and cosmetic quality. Because we are able to Cnc all our own
hardware we control our product quality in every way possible.

Over 50 years in the industry here at the Clarke Manufacturing Co. Inc. times have changed people have
changed but our values have remained the same. Family Happiness, Excellence, respect, and integrity. Very
thankful for the Industry our Family, Friends, Sponsored riders, Dealers and Distributors.

Our Staff Here at Clarke are ready to help you, Stop in and view our newly arranged Store Front.

Email: [email protected]
Toll free: 1-800-232-2002
13388 S Molalla Forest Rd. Molalla, Oregon 97038


Now get out and have some fun!